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  • Where are ACG North America's products manufactured?

ACG products are manufactured at one of 15 world class factory locations in Asia and Europe, manufacturing hard capsules, capsule fillers, tablet presses and tooling, blister packing machines and films, and cartoning lines.

  • How long has ACG been selling in North America?

ACG Worldwide has been selling in North America since 1999 but we marketed our products under the brands Universal Capsules and PAM USA.

  • Can I get technical support from North American staff?

Yes, The U.S. operation offers on-going technical consultation and trouble shooting by our experienced engineers and product specialists. We can help you with your formulations, with setting up and optimizing your machines, and provide operator training.

  • If I have a problem, how long will it take for me to get someone on site?

Normally we can have someone at your facility within 24 hours.

  • When I call the Technical Support Line am I speaking to someone in North America?

Yes, our technical and sales support is all located in North America.

  • How quickly can I get spare parts for my machines? Do the parts come from India?

We maintain more than 3,000 parts in our North American warehouses so that we can get you replacements quickly. Occasionally we need to bring in parts from India.