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AF-90(T) Capsule Filler

The AF-90(T) is a fully-automatic capsule filling machine that can fill a large variety of powder formulations into hard gelatin capsules. It has an output of 90,000 capsules per hour for powder and an output for pellets or combination tablets of 80,000 capsules per hour. The machine is formulation friendly and uses a tamping process to form the slug that is inserted into the empty capsule.

The AF-90(T) can be used with powders, pellets, micro tablets and combination fillings.

AF-90(T) Capsule Filler
  • The AF-90(T) features an easy to use touch screen and allows machine speed adjustment from the main panel.
  • The machine conforms to GMP guidelines.
  • The precise slug dosing principle enables high filling accuracy, which increases yield and helps save money.
  • The AF-90(T) allows partial filling capability for any size of capsule from 00 to 5.
  • Capsule size and product changeover is quick and easy.